Why Are Knife Blocks Bad for Knives?

Why are knife blocks bad for knives? Knife blocks can collect germs if the knives are improperly cleaned or if the block is not regularly cleaned. Knife blocks dull knives over time with the repetitive scraping every time a knife is removed or put back into a knife block. Knife blocks take up valuable kitchen […]

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Are Zwilling and Henckels the Same?

Are Zwilling and Henckels the same? Despite this shared ownership, Zwilling and Henckels are two separate brands with distinct kitchen knife collections. Within Zwilling J.A. Henckels’ portfolio, Zwilling is the premium knife brand, whereas Henckels, also referred to as J.A. Henckels or Henckels International, is the company’s entrylevel brand. Do Zwilling knives go on sale? […]

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Are Magnetic Knife Blocks Bad for Knives?

Are magnetic knife blocks bad for knives? Magnetic strips are great but they fall short in certain aspects: If the magnetic material is not strong enough, the knives could fall and cause a serious injury. Even if the fallen knife doesn’t injure anyone, the impact could damage the knife itself. Are Zwilling knives magnetic? The […]

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