[18 Key Facts] What Grinder Is Used on Forged in Fire? (Knife Knowledge)

1. The mechanical engineering degree paid off when he designed the TW90 vertical/horizontal grinder, known to many as the “Cadillac of belt grinders.” It’s Travis’ brainchild, and it was an industry gamechanger when it comes to finishing knives. 2×72 belt grinders are compact, highperformance, and built to support a wide range of accessories for various […]

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[10 Key Facts] How Do You Use a 3 Stone Knife Sharpener? (Knife Knowledge)

1. The instructions seem to say that Stage 2 creates a “microscopically serrated (steeled) edge, the type preferred by professionals for more fibrous foods.” For Stage 3, it says it is for “hairsplitting sharpness, perfect for preparing decorative platters and for precision slicing of more delicate foods.” So, if I just Diamond sharpening stones may […]

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