[43 Key Facts] Is a 7inch Chef Knife Good? (Knife Knowledge)

1. For $50, a forged knife of any size is a major steal, but the 7inch Chef’s knife is truly a cut above: It’s a userfriendly workhorse that’ll make everyday cooking a whole lot easier. Multifunction sharp knife➦this professional 7inch santoku’s knife is classified as a professional multifunction kitchen knife. This sharp knife can easily […]

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[26 Key Facts] What Size Belt Sander Is Best for Making Knives? (Knife Knowledge)

1. 2×72 Belt Grinders For professional knife making, 2×72 size belts are considered the industry standard. This size accounts for the majority of belt grinding machines manufactured specifically for knife making in North America. The 8 Best Belt Grinders for Knife Making – Reviews 2021 Bucktool BG2600 Belt Sander – Best Overall. RIKON Power Tools […]

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[47 Key Facts] Where Do Most Alligators Live in Florida? (Knife Knowledge)

1. The largest population of gators live in Gainesville, FL. They live in freshwater rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes. There are an estimated five million American alligators in the southeastern U.S. with a quarter of the alligator population in Florida. Alligators appear in multiple places around the continental United States, but they’re most predominantly known […]

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